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Rajasthan Today Transfer Orders 2020 Teachers Promotions Lists: rajshiksha.gov.in

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Rajshiksha Latest News 2020: Rajshiksha stands for Rajasthan Department of Education and it was established on 1949 by Govt of Rajasthan to provide good facilities of education in all 33 districts with official web portal i.e. www.rajshiksha.gov.in. But from 1959 Raj Shiksha today order news daily posting circulars about appointment, transfer list or promotion orders 2020 notifications was divided into 02 parts as secondary and Elementary Education to work as independent way.  Further information of "Rajshiksha" regarding types of  transfer list/ promotion orders, latest circulars, recruitment, application forms under this department is mentioned below....…………………
Alerts: Lecturer ( School Education) -English / Sanskrit desired by test / post- release order objection to recruits join dated 30 May 2016, Principal DPC counseling, Pdunnt Grihn principal task order acceptance time extension | Shivira / ma / institution dated 19 May 2016, Second Salaries for Equivalent Positions Pdunnti Mavi headmaster & teachers of the series & positioning location information about the current position dated 11 May 2016. Lecturer School Edu. Salary Drawn Approval Order dated 18 April 2016, Maha Vidyalaya headmaster / principal salary system Umavi order dated 11.03.2016, UDC to OA order dated 05.02.2016, Hindi lecturer at the Pdunnti posting / transfer orders in order to revise and amend the order of appointment orders on 21 January 2016, 3rd & 2nd Grade Review DPC Jaipur Zone (Provisional List) dated 08.11.2015. Samkaksh Promotions orders on 26.10.2015, Principal Parivedna & Promotion Orders from 21 to 23 Oct 2015, Class 4 LDC promotion order, 2nd grade parivedna orders on 20.10.2015. Lecturer (History / Commerce) Promotion/ grievance relating to the modification order on 12.10.2015.  Principals in respect of ongoing promotions / adjustments / transfer orders amended on 07.10.2015. DPC Lecturers Parivedna English/ Commerce/ History/ Physics/ Chemistry/ Home Science/ Political Hindi dated 30.09.2015. Principal Orders on 29.09.2015, DD Jodhpur Parivedna, HM Surplus on 27.09.2015. Office Order posting on the promotion of principals / Privednaa / headmaster adjustment related to the partial revision on 22.09.2015, DD Jodhpur Sanskrit promotion Stay orders, Lecturer (History / Commerce) promotion / grievance of the amended order published dated 21.09.2015. Orders received in 2015-2016 promotion of equal principal officers Privednao by posting revisions / adjustments order on 19.09.2015 , Lecturer (History/ Commerce) promotion/ grievance under the amended order on 18.09.2015. DD Bharatpur/ Jaipur/ Jodhpur DEO DPC Parivedna on 15.09.2015, Agriculture Lecturer Surplus on 13.09.2015, Bikaner Zone Lecturer/ Principal Parivedna Orders, Kota Zone HM Surplus Orders/ Urdu Staffing Orders on 11.09.2015,   Chemistry DPC Pali zone, ABEEO Parivedna, Jodhpur zone principal parivedna on 08.09.2015, RPSC Head Master Orders on 07.09.2015, Principal Udaipur Zone Parivedna on 05.09.2015, Jodhpur Zone Parivedna Biology/ Chemistry/ Political/ Urdu/ Sanskrit/ Hindi/ DPC Lecturer on 04.09.2015, Udaipur Zone Parivedna Biology/ Chemistry/ Political/ Urdu/ Sanskrit/ Hindi/ DPC Lecturer on 03.09.2015, Kota Zone Parivedna Biology/ Chemistry/ Political/ Urdu/ Sanskrit/ Hindi/ DPC Lecturer on 01.09.2015, Vidhyalay Sahayak recruitment till 05.09.2015, Ajmer Zone Lecturers DPC Parivedna Orders on 27.08.2015, Bharatpur Zone Lecturers/ Principal Sansodhan/ DPC Orders on 25.08.2015, Kota Zone Promotion Transfer list on 18.08.2015, Sthanatran Sanshodhan on 13.08.2015, Earlier Transfer Category Orders Lecturer/ Head Master/ Principal/ 2nd Grade/ Senior Teachers Udaipur, Bikaner and Kota Zone released on 13, 10, 09, 08 July 2015 also Transfer Stay orders of Jhalwar district on 03 July 2015, Elementary Orders Udaipur zone, Transfer Orders of DEO Secondary, TGT, LDC & Class 4 posts all districts, transfer orders 2 grade posts all districts flashed on 30 June 2015 at rajshiksha.gov.in.
Sr.No. Subject Order Date
1 Awaiting Posting Order of one RAS officer dated 07-07-2019 07/07/2019
2 Transfer/posting order of RAS officers dated 06-07-2019 06/07/2019
3 Transfer/posting order of IPS officers dated 05-07-2019 05/07/2019
4 Application invited for appointment on the post of Member, Rajasthan Tax Board, Ajmer 05/07/2019
5 Additional Charge order of the post of Registrar, Sardar Patel University of Police, Security and Criminal Justice, Jodhpur 04/07/2019
6 Amendment (II) in Rajasthan Subordinate Offices Ministerial Service Rules, 1999 03/07/2019
7 Amendment (III) in Rajasthan Subordinate Offices Ministerial Service Rules, 1999 03/07/2019
8 Amendment (II) in Various Service Rules 03/07/2019
9 Amendment in Various Service Rules 03/07/2019
10 Amendment in Rajasthan Compassionate Appointment of Dependants of Deceased Government Servants Rules, 1996 03/07/2019
11 Transfer/posting order of one IAS and RAS officers dated 01-07-2019 01/07/2019
Dec 2018 
Videsh Yatra Anumati Kusumlata 13.12.18
Videsh Yatra Anumati Salma Bano 13.12.18
tenis valiwal under 14 13-12-2018
sports order regarding teacher tournament  13-12-2018
Videsh Yatra Anumati Anita Soni 13.12.18
Viklang Vahan Bhatta ManbharDevi 12.12.18
रायफल शूटिंग under 14 05-12-2018
1 व्याख्याता (स्कुल शिक्षा)-अंग्रेजी/संस्कृत द्वारा चाही गई परीक्षा/पद विज्ञप्ति भर्तियों में सम्मिलित होने हेतु अनापत्ति आदेश | शिविर/मा/संस्था/सी-1/एन.ओ.सी./अंग्रेजी-संस्कृत /2015-16 30-05-2016
1 प्रधानाचार्य डीपीसी 2016-17 के काउन्सलिन्ग दिनांक 10.05.16 द्वारा पदस्थापित पदौन्नत प्रधानाचार्य के कार्य गृहन समय अवधि बढ़ाने की स्वीकृति आदेश | शिविरा/मा /संस्था/बी-2 /45002/कार्य गृ ॰वृद्धि/डीपीसी 2016-17 19-05-2016
2 वेतन अहरण की स्वीकृति आदेश | शिविरा /मा/संस्था /सी-5/वेतन व्यवस्था /2016 11-05-2016
3 प्रधानाध्यापक मावि एवं समकक्ष पदों के लिए पदौन्नति हेतु द्वितीय वेतन शृंखला अध्यापकों की वर्तमान पद एवं पदस्थापन स्थान संबंधी जानकारी बाबत | शिविरा/मा/बी-2/45005/प्रधानाचार्य /डीपीसी /२०16-17 11-05-2016
प्राध्यापक (स्कुल शिक्षा)--वेतन आहरण स्वीकृति | शिविरा /मा /संस्था /सी-3 /वेतन व्यवस्था /२०१५ 18-04-2016
प्राध्यापक (स्कुल शिक्षा) राजनीतिक विज्ञानं के कार्मिकों के वेतन आहरण के आदेश | शिविरा/माध्य/संस्था/सी-6 / राज. वि. /वेतन व्यवस्था /15 06-04-2016
1 प्रधानाध्यापक मा.वि./ प्रधानाचार्य उमावि वेतन व्यवस्था  आदेश  शिविरा-माध्य / संस्था /बी-1-2 /वेतन व्यवस्था /2015   11-03-2016
2 प्रधानाध्यापक मा.वि. स्थायीकरण संशोधन आदेश  शिविरा-माध्य / संस्था /बी-1 /पीएससी-2013 /स्थायीकरण संशोधन /2016  10-03-2016
3 प्रधानाध्यापक/प्रधानाचार्य एवं समकक्ष अधिकारियों का वेतन व्यवस्था शिविरा/माध्य/संस्था/बी-1,2/2015 10-03-2016
व्याख्याता अर्थशास्त्र के वेतन व्यवस्था के आदेश शिविरा/माध्य/संस्था/सी-5/वेतन व्यवस्था/2016 11-02-2016

शिविरा/माध्य /संस्था/-3/नरोत्तम /01/19
शिविरा/माध्य /सी-6/राज.वि./वेतन व्यवस्था /2016
UDC TO OA ORDER  05 Feb 2016

शिविरा/माध्य/संस्था/सी-7/हिन्दी/डीपीसी संशोधन/2015 एवं पीएससी/2015
शिविरा/माध्य/संस्था/सी-1/वेतन व्यवस्था/2015-16
शिविरा-मा/सी-2/वेतन व्यवस्था/31825
शिविरा/मा /संस्था/सी-3/नियुक्ति/भौतिक /पीएससी /2015
1.      Third Grade to Second Grade Review DPC Jaipur Zone (Provisional List). 
1.      English 
2.      General 
3.      Hindi 
4.      Maths 
5.      Sanskrit 
6.      Science 
7.      Social Science 
08 November 2015
04 November 2015
03 November 2015
02 November 2015
31 October 2015
30 October2015
29 October 2015

23 October 2015
22 October 2015
1.      Promotion and Parivedna Orders  
2.      Bikaner Zone Parivedna 
3.      Churu Zone OA Promotion 
4.      Churu Zone Parivedna 
5.      Churu Zone Surplus 
6.      Churu Zone UDC Promotion 
7.      Jodhpur Zone RPSC Orders 
8.      Pali Zone Parivedna 
21 October 2015
2.      Second Grade Parivedna Orders
1.      Ajmer Zone 
2.      Bharatpur Zone 
3.      Jaipur Zone 
4.      Jodhpur Zone 
5.      Kota Zone 
6.      Kota Zone-I 
7.      Udaipur Zone 
3.      Principal, HM and Lecturers Parivedna and DPC Orders
1.      Chemestry Biology 
2.      Commerce 
4.      English 
5.      Hindi-1 
6.      Hindi-2 
7.      History Commerce 
9.      Lecturers Misc. Subject 
12. Principal
1.      Principal-I 
2.      Principal-II 
3.      Principal-III 
4.      Principal-IV 
5.      Principal-V 
20 October 2015
12 October 2015
07 October 2015
04 October 2015
DPC Lecturers Parivedna Order 30.09.2015
1.      English 
2.      Commerce History 
3.      Physics Chem Home Sec 
4.      Political Hindi 
30 September 2015
29 September 2015
2.      HM Surplus (19.09.15)
27 September 2015
22 September 2015
21 September 2015
19 September 2015
18 September 2015
1.      DD Bharatpur Parivedna 
3.      DEO Parivedna 
14 September 2015
5.      HM Surplus Orders - I 
6.      HM Surplus Orders - II 
8.      Lecturer DPC and DPC Parivedna Orders 
1.      Biology Chemestry 
2.      Economics Geography 
3.      English Sanskrit 
4.      Hindi 
5.      History 
6.      Maths Physics 
7.      Political Science - I
8.      Political Science - II  
9.      Commerce DPC
10. English 
13 September 2015
LDC - UDC Transfers 31 July 2015
1.      Bharatpur Zone 
2.      Bikaner Zone-I 
3.      Bikaner Zone-II 
4.      Churu Zone 
5.      Jodhpur Zone 
6.      Kota Zone -I 
Earlier Promotion Orders or Review of DPC of Pali range declared online along with Promotion Orders Upper Division Clerk (UDC) to OA of Jaipur range on 18 March 2015 and Promotions Orders Lower Division Clerk (LDC) to UDC of Udaipur range announced on 16 March 2015.
Lecturer to Principal & Physical Dy DEO Orders (list of more than 1000 candidates)
साढ़े 7 हजार से ज्यादा व्याख्याताओं का पदस्थापन वेबसाईट पर, माध्यमिक शिक्षा निदेशालय ने
01 June 2015
जारी किए थे आदेश…..
Details of Rajshiksha:
Transfer Orders for Lecturers, HM and Principals, Deputation Order, 2nd Grade Teachers of Jaipur Range, Ministrial Staff & Teacher of Jaipur DEO-I, Transfer and Sansodhan Orders of BEEO, Review DPC Lecturer, Headmaster, Principal, Lecturers in subjects (Sr.teacher hindi, English, Sanskrit, maths, science, SST, PTI and Urdu)

Types of Teachers Transfer/ Promotion List available at www.rajshiksha.gov.in:
a) Rajasthan Teacher Transfer Inter-District Transfer– Any teacher is eligible to submit their inter-district transfer request in department. In this they can apply for their shift in the same district but in other school for the specific reasons.

b) Rajasthan Teacher Transfer Inter-State Transfer– The employees who are working in primary or secondary school as teacher and wants to shift from one district to other district comes under the inter state transfer category. The employee must have to give specific reason for it.

c) Rajasthan Teacher Transfer In case of shifting home – The teachers apply for transfer orders coming continue to school from across the far distance for primary or secondary is working in same school for a long time and he/she had changed the address and then he/she can submit their request for transfer from that school which is near for that new location.

d) Rajasthan Teacher Transfer In case of marriage – If any lady teacher is working in any school of primary / secondary but she got married in other district or location then she can also submit her request for the transfer but only in case that her school is too far from that new location.

e) Rajasthan Teacher Transfer In case of Convince/ Family issues– Both husband and wife working in different schools they are eligile to submit their request for the transfer but only in case that both are having too far distance between both of schools.  Any teacher is residing in rural and working in urban area or vice versa having convince problem then department of education also allows to submit the request for transfer to them in the nearby location school of them.

Process to Check Transfer List:
Any teacher can check their transfer order through the website at www.rajshiksha.gov.in

Types of Applications Submit under Rajshiksha:
There are 02 modes of application submissions in rajasthan state: -
a) Inter-District Transfer means within same district.
b) Inter-State Transfer means other district in Rajasthan.

Rajshiksha Application Format

Name of Teacher:

Father’s Name:

Name of School:

Date of Birth:

Post Designation:

District Education Officer Name:

Date of Appointment:

Professional Qualification:

Current Qualification:

Note: Applicants are advised that carefully fill that form and submit their appoint officer
Click here to download application forms - http://rajshiksha.gov.in/PDF/application_form_18062014.pdf


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