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Whcih Will Highest Paying CPM Ads 1$ to $8 CPM Networks in 2024 Online?

Which are Highest Paying CPM Ads 1$ to $8 CPM in 2024?
Answer: The Highest Paying CPM Ads 1$ to $8 CPM 2024. The answer of above question is here with the list of CPM Ad Rates 2024 Maximum. Get here Highest CPM Ad Networks 2024 Online also Check High Ads CPM Networks 2023. As this portal is dedicated to give you information on Highest Paying CPM Ads 1$ to $8 CPM. One of the best ways to make money online with your blog is to bring on advertisers that pay you to use the space on your blog. You’ll get a commission from the advertisers by putting their banners or ads on your blog and advertising their products to your readers. The complete needed detailed information of Highest CPM Ads 2024 regarding pay rates, per click, cost per market, youtube etc and Some questions you might ask are as follows:

Details of Highest Paying CPM Ads:

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  • How do you find advertisers?
  • Should you go with individuals or ad networks?
  • What’s the best way to get started?

    List Of Best CPM Ad Networks For Publishers:

    1. Google Adsense
    No surprise adsense is the world largest and best advertising network for many years (but recently it has been observed that adsense is not paying the publishers good rates..).  Adsense account approval is quite hard but not impossible. If you follow adsense policy and webmaster quality guideline you can easily get approve by adsense. Adsense show best display ad, mobile ads, video ads and search result ads. Adsense mainly popular for their relevant ads and High CPC and CPM rates.
    Details :–
  • Publisher Traffic Requirement – None
  • Payment Method – Check, Western Union, Wire Transfer
  • Minimum payout – 100$
2. RevenueHits
RevenueHits is another PPC and CPM site for best publisher. RevenueHits provides self-services for publishers, where any webmaster can come and start earning money just by placing tags into their site. They also offers a self-service for Advertisers, where anyone can come and buy quality traffic. If you want to take your blog’s revenue generation to the next level, this is the best platform.
Ad Format:- Display Ads, Text Ads, Pop up/under.
Payout:- $50
Payment: PayPal.

3. Propeller Ads
Propeller is fastest growing CPM ad networks with multiple ad formats. They provides good rates as compare to other ad networks. Features of propeller ad network is easy to understand. This network is based on various ad models like CPM, PPC, CPA and CPL. Overall this is one of the best CPM ad network.
Ad Format:- OnClick Ads, Mobile Ads on CPM, Video Ads,CPA, CPC and CPL.
Payout:- $100
Payment: Wire Transfer, Payoneer, Payza.

4. Infolinks Ads
Infolinks is In-text link based CPM ad networks. If you have text based rich site or blog then Infolinks is best choice for earn some revenue. The best part of Infolinks is they don’t need and space for banners. Infolinks show targeted ads for any relevant keyword from you content. You can also use keyword Tag cloud from Infolinks on you site or Infolinks can be use as search ads. Infolinks don’t cover the spaces so that’s why you can use other ads banner from Adsense or other alternative to earn more revenue for site content.
Approval:- Getting Approval is too much easy. Only few sites get disapprove.
Ad Type:- In-text ads, Search ads or Tag cloud Instead banner ads.
Payment:- Minimum Pay out $50 via PayPal or wire transfer.

5. Tribal Fusion
Tribal Fusion is leading platform for CPM based advertiser and publisher. These are many different factor on which popularity of tribal fusion depend. To participate in tribal fusion as a publisher in not too much easy because of highest paying advertisers and they also pay highest CPM rates as compare to others. Tribal accepts only Quality based sites which meets their program policies.
Conditions:- Publisher Site should have Minimum 500,000 unique user every month. Regularly Updated and highly relevant content on site.
Payment:- $50
Payment: Check or PayPal.

6. CPX Interactive
CPX Interactive is another Top Most best place of CPM based ads. CPX Interactive is based CPM and also offers CPC and CPA ads. CPX interactive is successful and trusted network for CPM. CPX approval Publisher site having quality content. CPX approval system is hard as compare to networks listed below.
Conditions:- Publisher Site Must have minimum 30,000 Visitor per month.
Payment:- Minimum $100 via Check.

7. Advertising.com
Advertising is another platform in top best CPM ad networks. Advertising is an division of Aol networks. The best reason behind choosing Advertising platform is they show relevance ads which matches to your site and also like by readers of your site. They offer best CPM rates.
Conditions:- They Approve Sites only having Huge visitors.
Payment:-  via Check.
Payout:- Minimum Payout $25 

8. Valueclick Media
Valueclick is best place for both CPC or CPM. They Offer highest rates on the bases of eCPM. Valueclick having little bit different eligibility criteria for Publisher as compare to other networks. Valueclick do not accept sites which are hosted on free services. They only Approve Quality based sites.
Conditions:- At least 3000 page view per Month.
Payment:- Minimum payout is $2
Payment:- cheque, PayPal.

9. Lijit
Lijit is a best platform for In-text and In-image ads means lijit offers contextual based ads with high CPM rates. Lijit makes its best position is the CPM based advertising because of their amazing feature and resources like Advance services, Audience Analytic and Reader Enhancement Tool for better understanding site performance for making for money. Payout:- Minimum Payout $25
Payment:- PayPal.

10. Pulse point
PulsePoint is new platform formed by contextweb and Datran Media. Pluspoint also offers AskPrice function means they offers freedom to their publisher to also setup the rates for CPM through AskPrice Program. They also having better Read Time Classifier (RTC) for better performance. They also offers 10% bonus under their refer Program for both Referrer and new Referred publisher for First month.
Payout:- Minimum $50 via
Payment: check or PayPal.

11. Bidvertiser
Back in 2003, Bpath LTD, the company behind BidVertiser, spotted the need of website owners to sell their ad space directly to advertisers, overcoming the disadvantages of automated systems (which were the main ones at that time). Since then we have been serving thousands of advertisers and tens of thousands of website owners (and media buyers), expanding our services to mobile, programmatic buying and selling and recently focusing on our Demand Side Platform.
Payout:- Minimum $50 via
Payment: check/ Wire Transfer or PayPal.

12. A-ads.com 
A-ADS (former Anonymous Ads) is the oldest Bitcoin advertising network on the Internet.  In 2011 we came up with the idea of showing bitcoin based ads — and we were among the first to trade traffic for cryptocurrency. I am using it on my sites and it is ok. If bitcoin rises your earning also rise in USD. But if bitcoin falls your earning also falls in USD.
Payout:- Minimum .001 Bitcoin
Payment: Wallet Bitcoin Address

13. Clever Ads Network
This is recent network we are working, they pay .5$ to 1$ for 1000 impression. But remember they count 1 visitor of one ip address for 24 hour in a day. It means if one visitor visits twice a day or open 2 or more pages of your site. It will be counted 1 impression only. My personal view is it is good for sites who grab visitors from Facebook, twitter or Instagram.
Payout: - Advance 
Mode: Paypal/ Wire Transfer
14. MGID
It is native advertising network. It is also good for Europe, Canada, USA Traffic. My personal view it is good outside Asia Traffic. I have tried MGID But Payout is very less.
Payout: - Net 30 Days
Mode: Paypal/ Wire Transfer
15. Rich Ads
It is Push and Pop Up advertising network. It is also good for Europe, Canada, USA and Asia Traffic. My personal view it is good for all Traffic.
Payout: - Net 30 Days
Mode: Paypal/ Wire Transfer


Till date there is no magic to get good cpm, now it depends on volume of traffic and quality of visitor (means location). The days for good earning from this business is now over. Small sites having limited visitors can earn only hand to mouth. So if you want to earn more bring more traffic to your portal or choose Niche related to higher paid keywords. In 2023 it is worst year for publisher according to us. If you want to get highest cpm, just target tier 1 countries.
Hope you like it.


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